Our Mission

Wedu VR, Inc. was founded to solve real problems with virtual solutions.  With the use of VR/AR, we redefine user experience through mobile application and website development.  Whether it’s from the start or a complete remake of an existing application, Wedu VR implements VR/AR into any application to help increase user engagement and satisfaction.  In addition to the emerging market of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Wedu VR also creates multi-use software platforms that span from business to personal use.

Cross Platform Optimization

Multi-platform optimization prepared for launch

Customizable Features

Features tailored for users, based on individuals' wants and needs

Mobile Ready Augmented/Virtual Reality

Next generation technology at user's fingertips, designed and developed from scratch

Instant & Easy Maintenance

24 Hour support for all software platforms

Quick Custom Quotes

If you're looking for speed, submit a quote on our site for a fast response and accurate, yet affordable pricing

Social Media Integration

Login, data pulling, and much more from top social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more